When To Train


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Why Train Your Dog?

Training your dog will help to improve your relationship with him. You develop a stronger bond and learn to communicate with your furry friend as well as gain better control of him. He will become a much better companion for you. He will be a much happier dog when trained. Training could also save his life.


Dogs are pack animals and every pack has a leader. You definitely want to be your dog’s leader, not the other way around. If you don’t assume the leader role than your dog will step up to the plate and take over for you. Remember, every pack has to have a leader. Training your dog puts you in the leadership role. Even if you only teach him how to walk with you on a loose leash, you become the leader. Always remember, the members of the pack respect and love the leader. Isn’t that what you want?


In training, you learn how to communicate to your dog and your dog learns how to understand what you want of him. Dogs are capable of learning an incredible number of commands once you learn how to communicate your wishes to him. The more you train your dog, the easier it becomes because your dog actually begins to learn how to learn. Training isn’t confined to just obedience training, dogs also love to learn tricks.


Training will make your dog a much better companion. You will enjoy being with him. Your friends will enjoy being with him. Strangers will not be afraid to meet him. He will be welcome in more places. You won’t have to lock him up whenever company comes to visit. Let’s face it, dogs want to be with their families, they don’t like to be locked away. He will be so much happier being with family and company instead of in his crate or behind closed doors.

Life Saving

An obedient, well-trained dog will "stay" when he’s told to stay. He will "come" when called and will go "down" when commanded to do so. The key here is "voice control." A well-trained dog will listen to you when you tell him to do something. Just imagine your dog coming to you from across a street. You see a car coming and know that your dog won’t get across before the car comes. All you have to do is command "down" and your dog will immediately lie down while the car passes, and wait for you to come and pick him up. Whew! That could have been bad. An untrained dog might not have made it across as safely. In fact, an untrained dog may not have tried to come to you at all. He may have taken off running and you would have had to chase him down to catch him, hopefully before disaster befell him. TRAINING IS THE KEY.

Some Additional Benefits of Training are:

  • He will be friendly without jumping on people.
  • He will walk with you without pulling you along.
  • He will lie down or sit and stay in place when you ask him to.
  • He will come when you call him, every time you call.
  • He will learn to stand still for examination and grooming.


A word about the American Kennel Club CGC Test.

After your dog has been trained, he might be ready to be tested for his CGC award. This is a test given by dog clubs and some obedience schools to recognize the efforts you have taken to make your dog a good citizen. It is offered through the American Kennel Club and is open to all dogs, both purebred as well as mixed breed.

The test consists of 10 test items:

1) Accepting a friendly stranger

2) Sitting politely for petting

3) Appearance and grooming

4) Out for a walk (walking on a loose lead)

5) Walking through a crowd

6) Sit and down on command - staying in place

7) Coming when called

8) Reaction to another dog

9) Reaction to distractions

10) Supervised separation.

You can find out more about the CGC on the  AKC Website: at http://www.akc.org or contact one of the local dog club in your area or your local humane society for information on organizations that do testing.

In Jacksonville, Florida, the German Shepherd Dog Club of North Florida offers the CGC test three time a year.  Check out the training schedule page for more information.



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