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Dog Clubs

This is a listing of the major national clubs along with a couple of the clubs I belong to.

The American Kennel Club (AKC):  www.akc.org  This is the largest registry of purebreed dogs in the US.  This site also has good information about dog events, training, and other topics of interest.

The United Kennel Club (UKC):  www.ukcdogs.com  This club has a large registry of purebreed dogs and registers many breeds not yet recognized by the AKC.

American Mixed Breed Obedience Registry
www.amborusa.org   This is the club you want if you have a mixed breed dog and are interested in getting your working dog titles.  All the information you need is here.

German Shepherd Dog Club of North Florida:
This club is currently  the largest German Shepherd Dog Club in North Florida and South Georgia.

K-9 Obedience Club in Jacksonville, Florida:
http://k9obedienceclub.org   Largest and most active obedience club in North Florida.

German Shepherd Dog Club of America (GSDCA): 
www.gsdca.org  This is the national parent club for the German Shepherd Dog.

Looking for more dog clubs?  This site focus on nonprofit clubs that provide educational opportunities and obedience training classes. 
http://www.doginfomat.com/dog10.htm.  This site provides extensive lists of dog-related organizations both nationally and internationally.


Rescue Organizations

If you are planning on getting a new dog you might want to consider  rescuing one from your local Humane Society or Animal Control.  Here are listings for the National Humans Society as well as other Jacksonville, Florida organizataions.  This is the first place to start if you ever lose your pet.

The National Humane Society of the United States:  www.hsus.org

The Jacksonville Florida Humane Society:  www.jaxhumane.org

The Jacksonville Florida Animal Care and Control:  http://www.coj.net/Departments/Neighborhoods/Animal+Care+and+Control/default.htm

Jacksonville Lost Pets Network:  www.jaxlostpets.org

Alliance of Responsible Pet Owners or NE Florida (ARPONEF) http://www.arponef.org/index.html

Dog Training

Try the positive reinforcement method with clicker training. This site features a wonderful series of clicker lessons.  www.clickerlessons.com

An interesting site with lots of links and fun information about dogs and training. 

Here is a new site that is all about dog training.  A good place to find information on dog breeds, training tips, solving problems, etc.  A good, all around training resource. 

Arizona Dog Training.
  Training Your Dog and What You Need To Know?  Important Things You Need To Know BEFORE Training Your Dog :  http://dogtraininginfo4u.com/

Cachorros and puppies.
We tell you everything about the best way to look after your puppy.  This is a site in Spanish that will give you much needed information on raising and training your puppy.  http://www.i-perros.com/

 Dog Obedience Training  --  obedience training, train your dog obedience and more. http://www.samsdogtraining.com

Dog Trainers

Do you need to find a dog trainer in your area. These organizations list dog trainers that have met their clubs criteria as reliable and qualified dog trainers and instructors.  Trainers are listed by state and city with contact information to help you reach them.

National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors (NADOI): 

Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT): 

Dog Magazines

Off Lead & Natural Pet magazine.  This is a great magazine for dog trainers and groomers.  Check out the new feature "Trainers Roundtable" for some good advice on dog related questions each month.  http://www.off-lead.com/

Front and Finish Magazine.    This is a wonderful magazine for the competitor - obedience, agililty, herding, tracking, freestyle - you name it and you can find something in this magazine about it. 

Natural and Holistic Health for Animals. Each issue speaks to animal lovers everywhere on how to improve the quality of life of our animal companions as well as animals in the wild. Click Here!  or http://www.animalwellnessmagazine.com

Dog Training Equipment

Here are some great sites to help you get the equipment you need to pursue your training goals.

America's Pet Store -  Your online site for all of your pet needs.  http://www.americas-pet-store.com/.  Free shipping on everything, no minumum to buy.

J and J Dog Suppy Wholesaler carries all kinds of competition equipment for Obedience, Agility, Flyball, Freestyle, Tracking, Clicker Training, etc. 

The Most Trusted Direct Source for Dog Trainers.  Dog Harness , Dog Collars , Dog Leash , Dog Muzzles -
http://www.fordogtrainers.com.  Dog training equipment for police, schutzhund, k9, sport and dog lovers.

PetsMart - your friendly "everythng for your pet" supermarket. 
www.petsmart.com.   R C Steele is now a part of PetsMart.

Chinookwind Outfitters - equipment for the working dogs - for the snowdogs.

Designer Dog Dishes and Raised Dog Food Bowls for Your Stylish Dog.  DogBAR-USA offers a variety of contemporary and well designed dog diners, dog accessories, and dog food bowls that are not only for your stylish dog but additionally cultivate your home decor.  Url:

PET DOORS -  Best place on the web for solving your pet door problems.   www.petdoors.com

Dog Sports

These sites are national in scope but most have information about regional clubs also.

Agility - USDAA - United States Dog Agility Association: 

Herding - AHBA - American Herding Breed Association: 

Schutzhund - United Shutzhund Club of America:  www.germanshepherddog.com

Other FUN Animal Sites

Best Buddies
is a site that offers dog and cat logo merchandise. You can get beautiful gift items as well as some fun and useful items with almost any dog or cat breed on it. 

Visit the Animal Webcams Directory
at http://www.leonardsworlds.com/animals/animals_index.html . This is a directory of animal and pet  related websites organized alphabetically by type of animal or pet.  If you can't find what you're looking for on this site,  it probably isn't on the web.

Send Free Greeting Cards
.  Doggone cute ecards featuring lovely pups to reach out to your sweetheart in a very special way!  Send Free Online Greeting Cards to your friends & loved ones.  All cards are absolutely "FREE" !!!   http://www.123greetings.com/pets/party_animals/

If any of these links are not working please email me at penelope@puppytrain.com and let me know.